To get to Art Share Los Angeles:

Take the 101 Freeway South (or North, if you're East of Downtown LA)
Exit at Temple (turning left)
R Alameda
L 4th St.
Stay in the FAR left lane!
At the end of the block, you will make a sharp left turn!
Just follow the street's curve.
After you make the sharp left turn, turn right at the first street, which is Hewitt.
Turn left immediately and go up the ramp into the FREE PARKING LOT!!!!!
Park anywhere!
Come back down the ramp, and enter the big yellow Art Share Los Angeles building, which will be directly in front of you.

Again, in the briefest way possible:

Exit Temple (L)
R Alameda
L 4th St. (stay in far L lane)
make SHARP L at end of long block
R Hewitt (1st street)
immediate L into parking lot (go up ramp)
Art Share is across from the parking lot.


See you there!

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