The Eclectic Company Theatre is auditioning for new members! (Los Angeles)

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The Eclectic Company Theatre is a company that allows its members creative freedom. NO ARTISTIC DIRECTOR, which means members produce whatever they like! It's really quite awesome and we have gotten some wonderful press lately.

We are currently accepting submissions for new members (especially men and non-caucasians of any age, but will also see anybody who's interested)-- Producers, Directors, Actors, Designers, Stage Managers! We seek dedicated and passionate individuals who want to produce and create theatrical experiences of the highest quality.

If selected, membership requires a $25.00 initiation fee and $50.00 monthly dues as well as 5 hours of volunteerism per month. BUT IF YOU DO 10 HOURS OF WORK A MONTH, YOUR DUES ARE SLICED IN HALF!

You can view info on the theatre at Right now we only have 1 more audition slot on January 25, in the evening. As a co-op theatre company, the membership drives the productions, meaning if you have your own visions of shows you'd like to produce, we are a great company for you!

If interested, please email me your headshot and resume and I will schedule you for a time! And if you have any questions, please email me those as well. ECT is a 99-seat agreement house.

from LA Culture Net