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Changarrito is a project developed by Mexico City-based Argentinean
artist Máximo González, who recently exhibited at the Craft and
Folk Art Museum (CAFAM) in Los Angeles. Changarrito is a contemporary
art vending cart borne from González's desire to integrate local
artists with the alternative economy of street commerce and the mobility
of changarros, or mobile vending carts in Mexico.

Changarrito debuted at the international art fair ARCO '05 in
Madrid, Spain, where Mexico was the invited country. González
presented Changarrito as an alternative to the official gallery
selection presented by the Mexican cultural authorities. With
Changarrito, Máximo facilitated a more accurate portrayal of the vast
Mexican art scene, as more than 60 artists were represented.

More than a vending cart, Changarrito is a free-standing, mobile
exhibition space that introduces local artists to new audiences in an
unconventional way. Four carts currently span the Americas, located in
Mexico City, Buenos Aires, Los Angeles, and Austin.

As a live project, Changarrito is faithful to its informal spirit,
though it keeps evolving in order to support additional projects such as
the Poetic Library, the Changarrito Contemporary Art Collection, and an
editorial called "Letritas del Changarrito."

For more information, visit:


CAFAM invites artists to submit existing or new works for
mini-exhibitions on Changarrito for a period of one to six days at CAFAM
and/or other locations still to be determined. Works should be
small-scale and fit on the cart shown in the image above (60" H x
28.5" W x 28" D).

To be considered, please email the following materials to Sasha Ali at

* A very brief personal resume, including email and phone number
* A short description of the proposed work and images
* The dates you would be available to exhibit your work on


* Artists that sell their works of art through Changarrito get
100% of the value of the sale
* Artists or their representatives must be present at the cart
while exhibiting work
* The price of each piece should not exceed $150
* The proposed work should be small-format

Selected artists will be contacted to discuss their proposals and
coordinate the details of the mini-exhibitions. If you have questions,
please contact Sasha Ali at 323.937.4230, x25 or

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