(GRANT) Biller Family Foundation Small Theatre (BEST) Award

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Theatre Enrichment: Building Excellence in Small Theatres Award
This year, we are proud to offer two awards for small and mid-size Los Angeles-based non-profit theatres in recognition of their innovative strategies to fulfilling their mission. The 2012 BEST Award applications is currently available.


Thank you for your interest in The Sheri and Les Biller Family Foundation's 2012 BEST Award. The
Foundation is excited to expand this year's Award to include two categories for small and mid-size theatres.
Upon submitting your application, please note the Award category for which your organization is applying.
Applications are due by 5 p.m. on Friday, September 21, 2012.

1. The Small BEST Award is available for organizations with revenues in the most recently-completed
fiscal year between $100,000 and $849,999. You may find this application on pages 3 and 4 of this

2. The Mid-Size BEST Award is available for organizations with revenues in the most recentlycompleted
fiscal year between $850,000 and $3,000,000. You may find this application on pages 5
and 6 of this document.


Who can apply?
Only non-profit theatre organizations based in Los Angeles County that are producing theatre are eligible
for this Award. If your organization only develops and/or presents theatre produced by another non-profit
organization, it is not eligible.

What's the best way for my organization to ask questions about the application?
The Foundation will hold a Tweetup on Wednesday, September 5th at 11:30am. Please join us with any
questions you may have. You can find us at @BillerFamFdtn. Do not call the Foundation offices. If you are
unable to participate in the Tweetup, email questions to inquiries@billerfamilyfoundation.org.

I thought the Biller Family Foundation only gave grants to theatres that have education programs?
In the past, the Biller Family Foundation has directed most of our theatre grants toward education
programs. The BEST Award is different; it is a general operating grant made to non-profit theatre
organizations to sustain and enhance their artistic activities.

What if my organization does not have an Audited Financial Statement?
A copy of an Audited Financial Statement is only required for organizations applying for the Mid-Size BEST
Award. However, if you are applying for the Small BEST Award and have an Audited Financial Statement,
please include it.

What kind of artistic sample should my organization submit?
For your artistic sample, please submit a video clip which best exemplifies the type of work your theatre
company produces and demonstrates fulfillment of your organization's mission.

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