Featured Member: Mesmera

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Featured Member: Mesmera


International dance star Mésmera has received awards, been in movies and TV shows, and appeared in “TIME”, “InStyle”, “L.A. Weekly” and countless bellydance magazines. She’s known for her mesmerizing passion and graceful precision. Spinning her veils through film and TV credits, celebrity events, classes, performances, seminars, festivals, video productions, and directing her troupe have refined her inspiring talent, adding depth and intent. The captivating clarity of her style matches her articulate teaching expertise, generating numerous star performers, dozens of instructors and waves of enthusiastic dancers.

Look in AMP's benefits package for how you can learn from Mésmera. I started training with Mésmera in 1995, and she is simply the best. Learning with Mésmera is fun, with far-reaching benefits. She encourages freedom of movement and imagination in dance as a paradigm for creative living. Drawing from archetypes, geometry, anatomy, history, literature, deities, colors, animals and nature, she presents technique with awareness and spirit, activating vitality, presence and beauty to empower her students. Surpassing her award-winning instructional VHS/DVDs, Mésmera did research in Africa, visiting several tribes and exotic locations to produce “Afrika: Mother of Dance”, her two-part performance classic. The thrilling visuals inspire many to join her adventure seminars in Africa, Peru and Brazil.

Respected for dynamic charisma onstage and genuine warmth in class, the dance community acknowledges her as an innovative resource who artfully ignites a moving experience for audiences and students alike. That’s why her name is Mésmera.