Call for artists: 'Giants of Pantelimon' urban art project in Bucharest

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Call for artists! 'Giants of Pantelimon' urban art project in Bucharest

Make a Point
Morarilor 1
02245, Bucharest
Contact: Andreea Dragan
Phone: +40724 724 862

Application deadline: August 20th, 2017
Announcement of the selected artists: by the end of August 2017
Execution period of the works: end of August - October 15th, 2017
The executed works enter a competition, with prizes summing up to 3000 EUR

'I'm Mrs. Mariana, a former textile worker at the Cotton Mill, looking for an urban artist to paint my life on the roof of the factory. I ask for seriousness and imagination, and I offer a reward and posterity appreciation.'

Choose one of the 27 stories about Pantelimon (Pantelimon being the name of a peripheral, wrongfully known to be a quite problematic neighbourhood in Bucharest) and enroll in an art competition at height. For inspiration, please go to

Three years after one of the pivotal projects of Make a Point, the restoration and conversion of the water tower within the space of Postăvăria Română into the Art Tower, the NGO will put forward for the first time in Romania an international art and life project, which will take the neighbourhood at new heights. Pantelimon offered us its narratives and from now on, artists will interact with the people and incorporate their stories into 'street art on the roofs'. The public, looking from the tower (but also from their personal windows or who knows what other secret spots), will be able to once again meet with these accounts seen through the eyes of the artists, photograph them, post them on social media, comment and share them.

In order to apply, please send a detailed proposal (1) together with your portfolio (2) and the filled in application form: (3). A short motivation (4) of this particular work you want to do or what inspired you + a list of what is needed for production, or a relevant budget (5) are an asset. Since our resources are limited, the more specific and cost-effective you are, the better. Photos of the sit with the spaces and surfaces for art insertion can be seen here: All the details about the artists call can be found here:

The selection of works will be decided by the project's creators and by the end of August, the chosen ones are to be notified. From then on up until the 15th of October, execution slots will be scheduled. 13-15th of October is when the Street Art Days event will take place and when the works will be presented to the public. During the event it's time for the inhabitants and participants at the Street Art Days to vote the ones they are mostly fond of.

We are open to many forms of art interventions and are looking forward to receiving your art proposals until the 20th of August 2017 at