Dream Symbols - Leak, Water Damage

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Rather than having recurring dreams, where the dream basically repeats itself, my dreams tend to reflect recurring themes. Dreams with recurring themes are a bit different than recurring dreams. With recurring dreams, your unconscious is pointing to the same unresolved issue over and over again. Recurring themes point to similar feelings and patterns within the way we handle different situations in waking life. Water leaks and damage have been with me for a few years now.

As a dream symbol and in most earth based religions, water symbolizes the emotions. Water corresponds with the west within the concept of the four directions. Emotions encompass feelings from love to fear to anger to heartbreak to weakness to strength.

So, leaking water in dreams represents a leaking of emotions or loss of power. Dreaming of a leak that you can't stop might symbolize an emotional situation in waking life that seems to be out of control. Passively watching a leak without taking action to repair it might be an indication that you are in a reflective stage and are not quite sure whether you want to repair the leak or just let it go.

What's leaking? A leaking boat or car would symbolize movement and that there are leaks in your plans for life or a situation. Leaks in a house would be interpreted by looking at which room is leaking. Upstairs rooms usually represent the head or intellect as well as spiritual issues. Living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens symbolize the heart, relationships and lifestyles. Lower rooms, such as basements, represent basic needs or deep spiritual issues. Your dream leak may represent an area where you are losing power or energy. It might even symbolize a health issue. Take a look at the whats and wheres of the leak in your dream to to connect it with a body part. For instance, pipes might symbolize the activity of the heart, bladder or kidneys. More solid structures or symbols might represent bone or joint problems. Vehicles and watercraft might symbolize problems with muscles and movement.

Leaks in my dreams tend to do a lot of damage. Cabinets rot off walls, toilets fall through floors and entire rooms fall through houses. For me, these dreams are clear messages that I need to get my act together because my emotional leaks are having a serious effect on other areas of my life or people that I interact with.

Okay, D.C. is telling me to tell y'all that it's getting cold so leave your faucets running and cabinet doors open when it's below freezing to prevent frozen and busted pipes........I guess I'm 'sposed to call her widower and tell him that as well........will do, D.C.



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