AMP connects artists and behind-the-scenes collaborators of all genres, including musicians, painters, performance artists, writers, dancers, and many more, with resources, opportunities, and personal connections. Many AMPers also provide free temporary lodging for other members. With thousands of members in 86 countries, AMP enthusiastically and energetically builds bridges between artists, audiences, and producers through our website, as well as at AMP-hosted parties and multimedia events worldwide. AMP is free to join. The only 'cost' is your energy and enthusiasm in building a global artistic community and helping fellow artists.
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Looking for work in the arts?

Then look no further than, the largest selection of filtered listings at museums, galleries, perf arts orgs, ad agencies, design, freelance, non profs, educ, & more. is as serious as you are about finding the perfect fit.

At only $9.95 a month, it is a great investment at any stage of a career in the arts, from entry level, mid-career, to senior/executive level. A portion of the proceeds goes to Americans for the Arts, a 501c3 non profit org.

from Art4Development

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International documentary festival in South Africa calling for entries

The 12th Annual ENCOUNTERS South African International Documentary Film Festival will be held August 12 to 29 and is currently looking for entries. Submission deadline: March 31.

ENCOUNTERS will show a selection of documentary films from around the world, with a particular focus on South African work.

For more information, visit the Website

or contact Nazeer Ahmed at

from Art4Development

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International Film Festival to be held in Durban, South Africa

The 31st edition of the Durban International Film Festival is taking place July 22 to August 1 and is calling for entries from around the world. Short films and documentaries are due by March 31, and feature films are due by April 15.

Over 200 films will be screened, with an emphasis on films from Africa. Seminars and workshops will be offered.

For more information, visit the Web site here.

from Art4Development

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Photo competition focuses on child rights

Ibero-American photojournalists and photographers can submit works to a competition that aims to illustrate the right of every child to survive in a dignified manner. Only black and white photos are being accepted. Deadline: April 30.

Applicants must send no more than two photos taken in any country in Latin America or Spain. Requirements include: 1400 pixels x 900 pixels and resolution of at least 200 dpi. There is no ceiling limit for the size and resolution of pictures.

Photos must focus on the competition's theme "We all count," and show, in creative ways, that children's participation and rights must be considered.

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A.I.R. Gallery call for women artists, deadline May 14

A.I.R. Gallery Announces
CURRENTS Exhibition Series
New Opportunity for Women Artists

A.I.R. Gallery is pleased to announce CURRENTS, a timely and innovative exhibition series. Each year the CURRENTS exhibit will address an issue that warrants expanded critical attention in the art world. A.I.R. will invite established and non-traditional curators (artists, activists, writers, poets) to select the works to be exhibited with the theme designed as a collaboration between the curator and the gallery. This new opportunity is open to all self-identified women artists worldwide and will be curated through an open call and through invitations by the curator.

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Call for Brooklyn-based immigrant artists, deadline May 14

Non-Native New York officially opens a call for Brooklyn-based, immigrant artists!

Deadline: Friday May 14, 2010
Submission info & entry form:
Entry fee: FREE

Non-Native New York is a curatorial project that celebrates the cultural and artistic contributions that immigrant artists are making which have largely been overlooked. This project will serve as a platform for under-represented artists to reach a broader audience, and to create a community conversation around the immigrant experience.

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Brooklyn Art Exchange residence and space grant programs


BAX/Brooklyn Arts Exchange is proud to announce the expansion of the 2010/11 Artist In Residence program.

In addition to seeking two new Experimental Theater / Performance artists, as previously announced, we are also seeking two new DANCE Artists In Residence.

Also, BAX is seeking six (3 dance & 3 theater) artists for the Space Grant program.

Please visit for more information on these programs and to download guidelines and application forms.

Fernando Maneca
Press & Marketing Director
BAX/Brooklyn Arts Exchange
421 Fifth Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11215
(718) 832-0018

from Franklin Furnace

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Call for submissions for 2HB; CCA's publication dedicated to creative writing

Centre for Contemporary Arts
350 Sauchiehall Street
Glasgow G2 3JD
United Kingdom
Phone: + 44 (0) 141 352 4900
Fax: +44 (0) 141 332 2336

Fri 30 Apr – submission deadline Vol. 6
Fri 6 Aug – submission deadline Vol. 7
Fri 15 Oct – submission deadline Vol. 8
Fri 21 Jan – submission deadline Vol.9

Now in its second year, 2HB is a quarterly publication dedicated to creative writing and experimental writing in contemporary art. Edited by Louise Shelley and Francis McKee.

Submissions from interested writers are now welcome for 2HB Volumes 6 to 9.

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Prize Awarded to Glasses that Enable Paralysed Artists to Draw

Cool story from Art Daily.

LONDON.- The EyeWriter ( has Friday 12 March 2010, been chosen as the winner of the first FutureEverything Award, a £10,000 prize set up by FutureEverything to celebrate the creative imagination that will shape our future.

The EyeWriter is a pair of low-cost eye-tracking glasses that allow artists and graffiti writers with paralysis to draw using only their eyes. Inspired by Tony Quan, a graffiti writer, social activist and publisher who was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (AML) in 2003, The EyeWriter is the result of a collaboration with five other artists and a production company. It is an ongoing project to empower people suffering from degenerative neuromuscular diseases with creative technologies.

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Open Call for Entries for All Photographers; Black & White Photography

Open Call for Entries for All Photographers; Black & White Photography

“Black and white are the colors of photography. To me they symbolize the alternatives of hope and despair to which mankind is forever subjected.” - Robert Frank

What does "black and white" mean to contemporary photographers in the digital age? When Robert Frank made this observation, black-and-white film and silver prints were photography's most commonly used materials. Nearly a half century later they are approaching "alternative media" status. Or are they? Are the implications and meanings of black and white still central to photography's unique nature as a visual medium?

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