Rebel Flag 'Salute The New Soul Revolution'

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Rebel Flag
new EP - Angels + Demons
release date July 4th 2015

Press Release

So here we go with another band press release and the challenge to say something new about four musicians
who want to save the world with a tune, is on.

In the deep end we dive to introduce a crew from the heartlands of Sussex in the UK called Rebel Flag, a force that digs deep into the roots of soul and rock music and mixes it with some true 21st century swagger.

If the current crop of cloned out rock bands and pop factor coveter belt puppets has got you reaching for a new Spotify playlist, then you might want add these boys to it.

A new EP out this summer proves that there is still music being made that has the quality as was laid down in stone in the golden age of popular music.

With an industry that has been kicked and mauled to near extinction over the past 15 years, you may ask yourself why musicians even bother to try and break new music.
Faced with a task of playing hostile venues for little or no money, sales from releases looking unsustainable and companies taking huge cuts from the streaming royalties, it’s never looked so hard for new music to find a rock to stand on.

So with that question in mind who do the Rebel Flag think they are trying to keep the flame burning for original music and killer live shows, maybe because they are all completely mad or maybe because they believe in the connection the music and like-people can bring to the party?

Leading the troops is Irish born singer songwriter and producer Dar.Ra.
His credits go back to the 90's with hits under the disguises of Taste of Paradise, Bliss and an Australian band called Ultra Love Machine, and remixes of Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Tears 4 Fears and Savage Garden.

Growing up listening to bands like the Specials, Paul Weller and classic soul and rock from the 60's and 70's is the lifeblood that goes into Dar.Ra and his songwriting.

His live experience has seen him tour around the world solo and with bands over the past 15 years, so much so he has written a book called Road Tales all about the adventures of a musician on the road, which is out this summer to coincide with the debut EP release.

The power punch of the up and coming comes in the form of Aiden a drummer who has all the attitude of Keith Moon, with added virtue of being able to play any kind of vibe at the drop of a hat.

Inventiveness and creativity flows effortlessly for a player under the age of 20 years old, which can only be attributed to his parents having impeccable musical taste and his uncle being the late great John Martyn.

Bring on the new breed. Added to this wild brand is a rising young player from Venezuela Chrissy D, a true bass head, with a capacity to hold a groove from here to eternity. His latin passion and addiction to making music that touches the soul, brings a white heat to the rhythm section.

In a few short months they have swaggered around the South Coast of England reminding people that music still means something in the toxic corporate world of a dying music industry.

And what of the music?
The music is a hybrid of rock mixed with some soul a touch of reggae and a slice of attitude laid on top to give it that fine mix that British bands do so well.

So as your mind suggests we've heard it all before and your ears retreat to your comfort zone, let me tell you that this is something to keep close to your heart.

In doing that one small task, we keep an door open to that tribal power that first hit the dance-floors back in the 50's when Rock n Roll was born.
Ask not what Rock n Roll can do for you but what you can do for Rock n Roll!

Rebel Flags new EP Angels + Demons is out on Kusha Deep Records July 4th


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