Film Competition - Feature Film Deal!

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From the producers and financers of 'Bend it Like Beckham,' 'Buena VistaSocial Club,' 'Kill Bill 2,' and 'Hero,' comes the contest! is a new contest site where filmmakers get to submit their short films for viewing, voting, and selection. The winner of the contest receives a feature film deal with the some of the world's best known independent producers at

You may begin uploading your films on December 15th - but you can log on now to find out the theme of the contest. All are invited to submit their short
films based on the contest theme - no longer than 3 minutes - at the Entry Level. The top 15 filmmakers from the Entry Level will win $500 and a chance to move to the Jury Level where you get $1000 to make a new short. The Jury Level films will be viewed and voted on by an industry panel including actors Colin Firth & Bill Pullman and directors Neil LaBute, John Madden, and Paul Schrader. First place at the Jury Level wins $3500 and second place wins $1500. Both move up to the Finals Level, where you're in the running to win a feature film deal!

This is the only contest that presents an opportunity to filmmakers by filmmakers. You may upload your films beginning December 15th until December 23rd. Log onto for complete contest rules and deadlines. May the best director win!

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