Featured Member: Kim Chandler

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Featured Member: Kim Chandler

Kim Chandler, also known as Lokimee (though she is living a life that is anything but low key), is a writer, editor, radio host, poet, screenwriter, playwright, performance artist, actress, producer and more. Born in the UK and raised in the Caribbean and Canada, she now lives in Amsterdam, while traveling as much as possible!

A 'career path' that led her to try her hand at such adventures as forest fire fighting (You can Yukon!) and having her own theatre company in London, somehow led her to the position of Arts and Entertainment Editor of a national newspaper in Holland, which she made the most out of for almost three years.

Currently Kim is a member of the English Breakfast Radio Show (http://www.englishbreakfast.nl), Editor of Global Vision and Global Vision Africa Magazines, contributing writer to Velocity Magazine, continues to do theatre and poetry performances and voice over work, and is a featured blogger on AMP. She's currently working on a performance piece to be toured nationally this fall – producing it may, quite possibly, make Kim crazy – but at least her freak will be filmed!


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Hi, Kim.

Are you interviewing bands and musicians? If so, I would like to be considered for an interview. I have a band, Father Brother Sun (FBS - http://fathterbrothersun.com) and a great deal of solo music too (http://AtiimChenzira.com). It appears you are hosting in the UK, correct?


Atiim Chenzira

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Radio show interview

Hi Kim
just checking in to see if we could have a chat about my crazy new band called Rebel Flag on your show, we have growing solid fan base and a new EP
for more info
for contact
best wishes